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Except for jeff chandler, all for the remaining cast made the move from radio to tv. At the start of the 19551956 season, madison high was razed for a highway project and miss brooks found a new job at mrs. Our miss brooks online using any of the 3 radio players below. It was such a hit among many listeners that during its run, it received several awards including arden winning the radio mirror magazines poll for the best radio comedienne of the year for the years 1948. The our miss brooks radio shows last episode was aired on 1957. The most famous teacher ever on radio, connie brooks was a wonderful combination of sincere and smart, and eve arden played her perfectly. Our miss brooks streaming tv show online justwatch. Davis and rode to school each morning with one of her students. Audiences could and continue to relate to connie brooks as a clever, sarcastic, kindhearted teacher.

Our miss brooks listen to podcasts on demand free tunein. The life of rileyour miss brooks is a dvd that features two shows that were popular in the 1950s. Add the shows you like to a watchlist and let the site take it from there. Directed by al lewis, who was the chief writer for the radio and tv editions, and written by both him and joseph quillan, the movie disregarded the. We offer 3 different ways for you to listen to our old time radio shows so that no matter what device you are using pc, laptop, android phone, iphone, ipad, kindle, tablet, etc. Season 3, episode 29 may 27, 1955 after all the male teachers at madison high turn chicken, its connie who must jump from the schools roof to a. Many of the scripts for the tv show were adapted from the radio scripts. Our miss brooks old time radio golden age of radio.

In 1956, the sitcom was adapted for big screen in the film of the same name. Our miss brooks is an american situation comedy starring eve arden as a sardonic high. A goodlooking new football coach starts at madison high. The life of riley follows the adventures of riley, his wife and son, as well a their family and friendssome of which get riley into hilarious and challenging situations. Our miss brooks was a hit on radio from the outset. Stories depict her romantic misadventures as she struggles to impress philip boynton, the biology instructor. Watch our miss brooks episodes online season 1 tv guide. We dont believe that you should be charged for listening so download as many as youd like and enjoy. Jerry van dyke chose my mother the car over gilligans island and the andy griffith show try to answer this tv trivia all about money. Stories depict her romantic misadventures as she struggles to impress philip boynton, the biologyinstructor. The life of riley our miss brooks online full episodes. Davis, gets rides to school with student walter, fights with principal conklin, and tries to snag shy biology teacher boynton. Miss brooks tries to help a charismatic 11yearold boy who says hes run away from his cruel uncle. The shows humor was based on constance brooks sardonic wit, as the only sane woman dealing with a cast of.

Conklin was played by joseph forte in the shows first episode. Part of our over 12,000 show library of old time radio. Connie needs new slippers for the masquerade ball and she buys them from a mysterious salesman. As summer approaches connie learns she can get a free european vacation if she can enlist three others to be paying customers. Then a perfect gown arrives along with a rideto the dance.

At the present time we have over 20,000 episodes of downloadable material available to you, for free. Our miss brooks podcast on demand our miss brooks starring eve arden who played the. This is one of the series silliest episodes, and its almost too broad for a typical our miss brooks episode. Selling the house next door foreign teachers four fiances. On radio from 1948, and then in a television version that ran concurrently until the series close in 1956, our miss brooks presented a plausible if not terribly. This early sitcom featured a wisecracking english teacher, her interactions with students and faculty and her unrequited crush on the biology teacher.

Our miss brooks season 2 episode 11 oh, dem golden slippers. A year before the radio series ended, it had a television, stage play, and film adaptations of. Our miss brooks tv show season 1 episodes list next. Our miss brooks radio show 4250 free tv by franknelsonnet. I discovered omb in the 1980s and still enjoy listening to them. With eve arden, gale gordon, don porter, robert rockwell. Our miss brooks is a 1956 american comedy film based on the radio and tv sitcom hit on cbs of the same name. If you watched our miss brooks on metv, you wont find any missing footage on these discs, but those of us who dont receive the diginets and love the show will want to pick this up anyhow.

E02 home cooked meal miss brooks picks up the wrong outfits for herself and mr. Still laughoutloud funny, eve arden, gale gordon, and the rest of the crew bring life to the inspired comedy writing. Our miss brooks, 23, broken furnace lack of coal at madison high. When the show was adapted to television 195256, it became one of the mediums earliest hits. The film version of our miss brooks was not quite as successful why pay for something that. Our miss brooks hollywood 360 audiobooks listen to the. Our miss brooks the trials and tribulations of connie brooks, the wisecracking english teacher at madison high school. Not every episode is great, but some are fantastic. Miss brooks and companys audition for deacon jones hillbilly troupe coincides with a visit from a member of the board of education mr. With eve arden, gale gordon, jane morgan, robert rockwell. The trials and tribulations of connie brooks, the wisecracking english teacher at madison high school. Free add to library our miss brooks episodes mp3 sound on. She eve arden teaches english, flusters the principal gale gordon and flirts with a colleague robert rockwell.

Much of the first section is marred, unfortunately, by uneven sound quality and repetitious versions of the episodes. The series centered on connie brooks, a smart, sharpwitted, lovable english teacher at fictional. Popular videos our miss brooks our miss brooks topic. Watch our miss brooks free tv series full seasons online. Our miss brooks was a situation comedy show heard on radio and seen on television and in films starring oscar winner eve arden. Eve arden played the funloving but sometimes frazzled english teacher at madison high school, our miss brooks. Our miss brooks is an american sitcom starring eve arden as a. Our miss brooks is an american situation comedy starring eve arden as a. Watch our miss brooks season 3, episode 5 angelas wedding. Latest our miss brooks episodes mp3 sound for download. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show our miss brooks anytime, anywhere. Watch our miss brooks episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. However, the story is a lot of fun and the actors are evidently enjoying. But everyone she approaches secretly has the same idea but to other exotic locales.

Our miss brooks tv show season 3 episodes list next. Her skill with the wicked oneliner and acid aside had begun to lead to typecasting, so, to find a new image, arden signed on for the lead in radios our miss brooks. See more ideas about eve arden, old time radio and classic tv. Miss brooks teaches english at madison high, rents a room from mrs. The fourth season of the tv series girlshow ghetto. Miss brooks finds a four leaf clover and truly believes it will bring good luck including a promotion. Our miss brooks had been a radio and tv sitcom hit thanks to the considerable input of star eve arden. Full season and episodes free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and tv television shows. Internet archive our miss brooks was a hit on radio from the outset. Can you match these boat names to the correct tv shows. Our miss brooks ran for episodes on television and won an emmy award before it was canceled in. Our miss brooks began as a radio series in 1948 and migrated to television in 1952 and soon became one of the first hits of the socalled golden age of television, and making famous eve arden 19081990 as comely, a wisecracking, but humane high school english teacher connie brooks.

We make available thousands of public domain, old time radio shows for your listening enjoyment. Our miss brooks was a hit show, in spite of its star character being a spinster english teacher whose series goal was marriage to biology teacher mr. Our miss brooks is an american situation comedy starring eve arden as a sardonic high school english teacher. It began as a radio show broadcast on cbs from 1948 to 1957. Conklin had acquired the job as principal there, and he and other cast members remained on the show to harass her.

But a series of calamities occur primarily involving a car she just fixed plus ruining boyntons perfect attendance and conklins trip. Our miss brooks, was a radio sitcom that first aired on cbs radio on july 19, 1948. Our miss brooks is an american sitcom starring eve arden as a sardonic highschool english teacher. In 1952, our miss brooks moved to cbs television, becoming one of televisions first hit television shows. You need to listen to more that one episode so you can learn the traits of the different characters.

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