Four patch posie quilt tutorial

This charming four patch baby quilt combines charm squares in fourpatches bordered in charcoal sashing against a white background. Its a great one for using up fabric and showing off fun prints. I used, this is all just scrappy four patches in the center. A great project to use for fabric scraps, this patchwork quilt tutorial finishes at the perfect size for a picnic quilt or a throw quilt.

This is about the 7th quilt ive made from the fourpatch stacked posie pattern, which is basically a method of cutting up one central fabric so that each block is made from. The four patch quilt block is the king block for every beginner quilter. When i saw ruthies last year at my annual retreat i fell in love. This fabric is from the days before there were quilt shops so mid to late 70s probably. I mean, this four patch, i love the way it zigzags up and down. Four patch posey kaleidoscope quilt, quilts, quilt block. Keep in mind if you are using your own fabric, the yardage requirement may vary greatly. Its fun, quick and there are so many new layout options when you are done. It is similar to a stack and whack, except it uses only four squares of fabric. Even though there is snow on the ground i still believe in springtime how about a quick tutorial on how to make the spring posies quilt block. Yes you will find it spelled all 3 ways if you do a search for the pattern method. The pattern is a variation on the stack and whack craze but without all those pesky.

For this block i am using 1 12 squares and 2 12 squares of fabric scraps. After giving a little try with the previous disappearing quilt block s i thought that doing it with the 4 patch. Scrap double four patch quilt block tutorial susies. Its surprising how these pieces can accumulate just from scraps. I did search and tutorials and found one link but it is no longer active. Make a four patch frenzy quilt with jenny doan of missouri. Make a 5440 or fight freestyle quilt with jenny from the missouri star quilt co. Spring posies quilt block tutorial patchwork posse. There is a wonderful tutorial for the 4 patch posie she calls it 4patch stacker at quiltbea very detailed and pictures for each step of the way. This is an easy pattern to adapt to other size quilts. Fourpatch stacked posie quilts it seems i havent posted photos of this quilt, one of my favorites, made about a year ago. Yes you will find it spelled all 3 ways if you do a search for the patternmethod. Here is one that i made a couple of years ago and gave as a baby gift.

The instructor said that we needed at least a 12 inch repeat. See more ideas about quilts, patches and kaleidoscope quilt. Piecing a perfect fourpatch block is just one of those things a quilter should have under their belt, if you know what i mean. A 4 patch posie quilt in progress this is a new project that i started with pauline and susan who came over sew recently.

This allowed me to cut 6 inch squares and when the 4 blocks are sewn, it measures 11 12 inches. My online quilting guild went nuts over the four patch posie quilt pattern recently and for good reason. Fourpatch quilt blocks strip piecing tutorial new quilters. This quilt is made up entirely of the 4patch slice block. I cut whatever sized squares i can get out of the fabric. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance. The easy stack quilt with 4 repeats is a very simple stack and slash style quilt. See more ideas about quilts, kaleidoscope quilt and one block wonder.

Scrap double four patch quilt block tutorial once i finish a project i like to cut up the scraps into usable sized pieces. Four patch posie 4 patch quilt, kaleidoscope quilt. It would be beautiful in a christmas line or even a civil war line. When you want to make a lot of fourpatch quilt blocks from the same two fabrics, strip piecing is the way to go. It was folded right sides in like they did all clothing fabrics back then. As i mentioned about a week ago, i was trying to figure out what to do with these charm squares i got in the mail a little while ago. Now the author has come out with a four patch posie supreme. The most basic four patch quilt block is just what its name implies, a quilt block made with four patches of fabric, all squares, and arranged in two rows of two squares each. Easy hexagons quilt tutorial quilt lines through l pointseasy hexagons quilt tutorial that uses fabric glue. Four patch posy using blank quilting magnolia fabric by contrary500, via flickr. We love the 4 patch block, but it can be tedious having to cut all of those little pieces. I was sitting there staring at my design wall and all of a sudden an idea popped into my head. Four patch posie supreme quilt my online quilting guild went nuts over the four patch posie quilt pattern recently and for good reason.

I found lots of how to do the other stack and whacks but not the 4 patches. For the class, we will be making a twin size quilt that will have 48 of the 4patch posy blocks, arranged in a 6 block by 8 block layout. Just the thought of all of that time measuring and cutting, and measuring and cutting, and measuring and cutting, just sends our heads into a bit of a tizzy. The way this is done is you layer 4 repeats of a pattern, its best to have at least a 12 repeat, wider is better.

This is the sunkissed line from sweetwater and its just as sweet as. Four patch posies i managed to find time to squeeze in a guild comfort quilt this week and this one is called 4patch stacked posies by h. Add a little country charm to your home by putting a spin on the traditional four patch quilt. When you have your 4 repeats cut and stacked as shown in the second link, you would cut your blocks out of these strips, and then cut each of the blocks corner to corner. This is a free video tutorial on how to make the four patch quilt block. Fast fourpatch quilt tutorial diary of a quilter a quilt blog september 8, 2015 at 10. Does anyone have a link to a 4 patch posey tutorial.

Kaleidoscope four patch quilt block connecting threads. Jenny from msqc shows you how to make a fourpatch star quilt in a simple and easy tutorial. These instructions will yield you at least 32, 4patch blocks to set any way you like, if you are using a fabric with a 12 12 repeat. You can find a complete tutorial to make this quilt on webshots. Fast four patch quilt tutorial quilting tutorial diary. You will be amazed on how fast and easy is this quilt block. I couldnt get motivated to finish anything yesterday so i cut another 4 patch posyposeyposie. How to make a fourpatch on point quilt block using charm. The double four patch quilt block should measure 812 x 812. You stack them up and match the pattern and cut 3 12 squares through all layers. Sew the opposite triangle on the opposite side of the fourpatch. You cut four strips of the print repeat, then stack them matching it all up, and cut the stack into 4 patch squares each square you cut will have four of the same sections of the repeat, so you can twist and turn the pieces to make a whole new pattern from the print. This is about the 7th quilt ive made from the four patch stacked posie pattern, which is basically a method of cutting up one central fabric. From that cut side, measure over 24 and cut the full length of the fabric.

The finished size of the quilt will measure 57 x 69. Add a little country charm to your home by putting a spin on the traditional. Its about 40 square, and ive it hung in a place where i see it every day. It is like stack n whack but easier because you are using squares. Four patch quilt block patterns are among the most popular patchwork quilt block designs. Heres an illustrated guide to strip piecing a set of fourpatch blocks. Here is a previous version of this simple four patch quilt design. So, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the four patch frenzy from the missouri star quilt company. I found that choosing the fabric was the hardest part. It seems i havent posted photos of this quilt, one of my favorites, made about a year ago. This quilt was made up using the blank quilting magnolia collection and the four patch posie pattern it turned out great. I remembered seeing a similar idea from here that i. Pick up one stack of these cut pieces and arrange it into a posey block.

The steps are just a little bit different, but the idea is the same. Luckily, its a quick and easy process nevermind that it took me about a billion pictures to show how easy it is. Kaleidoscope four patch block begin with 4 repeats of your focal assuming a 12 12 repeat, ours measured 1 34 yards. Each block will have a finished narrow 12 border, a 1 sashing, a 1 inner border, and a 6 outer border. Charm packs always make for easy baby quilt patterns that are inexpensive to make. Make them all matchymatchy or get those scraps out for a scrappy patchwork crafts. To center the triangle on the side of the fourpatch, lay the point of the triangle on the center seam of the fourpatch as indicated by the scissors in the photo above. Shaded four patch tutorial december 7, 2012 posted in celebration of freedom, charity quilting, design wall, easy street, quiltville quilts, tutorial for bonnie hunter s easy street mystery part 3, we are asked to make more im still working on these units from orca bay shaded four patches. Have you seen the gorgeous 4patch possie quilts made using only three fabrics. I found lots of photos, but nothing that tells how to do it. This farmhouse four patch quilt tutorial shows you how to take your patchwork skills to the next level by demonstrating how to add rows on the diagonal.

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