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The content of a policy brief example depends on its usage and purpose. This technique is often used to explain gender wage differentials, and applying it to agricultural productivity is. Roa is funded by the japanese ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and managed by the agricultural and. Steinberg october 2002 defense policy choices for the bush administration, 20012005 michael e. Ensure that everything the reader really needs to know is on the first page.

There may be more than two, and you can mention them, but the main work should focus on the two most active, opposing stakeholders. That is, we were supposed to attach an appendix that drives home the policy we want to implementand i didnt read the whole report about the guaranteed annual income in canada, which i referred to in my brief. The status of forces agreement sofa, signed in 2008 by outgoing president george w. This policy brief was developed by who with the support of research for. Next, create section headings for your main sections using brief, active phrases. Therefore, it is common that policy briefs do not exceed 6 8 pages in length i.

Opportunity through education brookings institution. Consider, for example, the introduction of this policy brief by richardson, recently published in health affairs. Headings break text into sections and make it easier to navigate. Iite policy brief october 2010 2 types and benefi ts of icts for education icts play three main roles in educa on. We can also look at the stories on the dfat website collated here over the same period. Acknowledgements this guide is a culmination of more than a decade providing training and mentoring support and discussing policy briefs. This equal employment opportunity policy is the pillar of a healthy and productive workplace.

Various examples of innovative approaches for genderresponsive tobacco control. This is a good resource to bring to a meeting with an mp, to give to the media for instance, if you are holding a mediacovered event, or for anyone who is. Page two policy recommendations currently, palliative care services are available in only a third of all u. A policy brief presents a concise summary of information that can help readers understand, and likely make decisions about, government policies. For organisations new to developing policy positions. In 2010, nearly 26 million people residing in the u. I handed my policy brief into the social work instructor yesterday, and belated realized i didnt read the entire supporting document. Policy brief guidance and template universities new zealand. Read this policy brief guide fromp the artnership for economic policy click through idrcs simple power point on how to write an effective brief use this thorough 15 page guide from research to action to write your first policy brief. Addressing magazine capacity is far more effective than an. Federal mandate for infertility treatment coverage by insurance providers. You can use it for internal business relationships, organizational practices, and government processes.

As the biggest job you need to do is to go to internet and download the necessary templates it is only a few mouse clicks. Example policy brief infectious diseases, malaria in the democratic republic of the congo drc. Then, fill the sections with content using clear language, solid research, and your proposed solutions. Health policy brief july 20 the effects of the great recession on health insurance. Policy brief on immigration posted on april 26, 2012 a nation of immigrants. Bush and iraqi prime minister nouri almaliki, requires the u. Immigration reform in the us pol 308 alia alassar, lorenzo pistoni and daniela betancourt executive summary the topic of illegal immigration has been part of a heated debate within the past few decades in the united states. This policy brief is an analysis, both anecdotal and when possible, quantifiable, of direct file from multiple data sources. Example policy brief infectious diseases, tuberculosis in india. In contrast, a policy brief puts front and center the problem to be addressed by policy, then presents relevant evidence to support or analyze a proposed policy. The objective is to inform intergovernmental discussions by.

Guidelines for writing a policy brief 3 succint the type of audiences targeted commonly do not have the time or inclination to read an indepth 20 page argument on a policy problem. The centers for disease control approximated that diabetes would affect up to 33% of the u. Policy briefs explained page 45 the who, what and why of writing a policy brief 2. It should be your best effort to produce an excellent policy brief. Stricter guidelines for recruitment of collegeage women for egg donation. Inclement weather policy in general, the companys operations are not usually affected by environmental factors such as inclement weather. Policy brief the national poverty centers policy brief series summarizes key academic research findings, highlighting implications for policy. Our equal opportunity employer policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality and promote diversity in the workplace. Generally, though, all policy briefs must provide propositions of solutions to. A short document that presents the findings and recommendations of a research project to a nonspecialized audience a medium for exploring an issue and distilling lessons learned from the research. In order to maintain the same grade for the policy brief final as was given for the policy brief and each of its sections, it is necessary to. Compensa on uses technical assistance that enables ac ve par cipa on in tradi onal educa onal ac vi es, such. The length of a policy brief can vary depending on the discipline and content. The policy brief should be singlespaced but with two spaces between sections.

Writing a policy brief step two a policy brief must be easy to read. Asiapacific forests and forestry to 2020 gms forest policy brief 03 forest biodiversity conservation most of the terrestrial biodiversity within the greater mekong subregion is contained within forests and although other forest areas are important, protected areas. Policy brief parents against gun violence january 11, 20. Policy brief the world bank group africa region gender practice policy brief. Policy brief to receive a weekly email about brookings news, events, and publications, sign up for the brookings alert at.

Writing a onepage brief citizens for public justice. A policy brief can be 1, 2 or 4 pages but no longer. The nature of policy interventions makes them useful for several reasons. Recipients of the new zealand aid programme awards are required to deliver a policy brief to the following address by the date shown in their letter of offer. Green, md university of colorado school of medicine andrew w. Care international policy brief template indesign convenience, it is very convenient to build a website using templates. See a sample letter word pdf a onepage brief is a useful tool to communicate your message to mps, the media, and others. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Oecd policy brief december 2015 emissions reduction. It begins with a heading of health policy brief followed by the title. Policy briefs must be visually appealing to draw the readers attention and present information in a way that is easily remembered. As pagv analysis shows, there is a very strong correlation between firearm magazine capacity and total casualties in mass shooting incidents. Bazemore, md, mph robert graham policy center, washington, dc benjamin f. A policy brief can be used in different industries and fields of expertise.

Changes in the uninsured population from 2007 to 2009 shana alex lavarreda, sophie snyder, and e. Plucker education policy brief childhood obesity in the united states obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat or adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass nrc, p. Step two writing a policy brief pages 89 the format, length and content of a policy brief explained, with additional tips on. Issue 6 3 possible to delve deeper into how the different factors contribute to the gender gap. Statistical figures are derived from data provided to the project on accountable justice by the florida department of corrections and from publicly available data from the florida department of juvenile justice. Sample policy brief pdf the policy brief is a document which outlines the rationale for choosing a. Consequently, our offices normally remain fully open and operational on all scheduled workdays, so that we can offer our employees the. Policy brief template and guide linkedin slideshare. How to plan, write and communicate an effective policy brief. Since policy briefs are formal documents, it is essential for its content to be based on facts and evidences.

Just half of hospitals with 50 beds offer palliative care services and 80% of hospitals with 300 beds. The onepage brief summarizes the problem, the background information, and the solutions that you propose. Asiapacific forests and forestry to 2020 gms forest. Policy brief number 1, january 2006 roas policy brief aims to explain conceptual or methodological issues pertaining to the project in a nontechnical manner. A policy brief is a focused document that is usually made for business, corporate, and professional processes.

Policy briefs may give objective summaries of relevant research, suggest possible policy options, or go even further and argue for particular courses of action. Step one planning and understanding your audience pages 67 what you need to know before starting to write and how to find it out 3. The concept of gun control has become a hot button item as we live in a country where mass murders, school shootings, and many other gun related crimes are becoming more and more frequent. Equal opportunity employereeo policy with sample eeo.

Subheadings lead the readers through the document by showing them a topic of. Programs are variable across the country, with the south lagging in services. Kansas statewide smoking ban positive impact on kansans in kansas, 1. Everyone should feel supported and valued to work productively so we are invested in treating everyone. Miller, psyd university of colorado school of medicine although many health care professionals are interested in health policy. To write a policy brief, start by writing a strong summary statement and explain in a concise introduction why the issue is important to your readers. Your policy brief needs to strike a balance between a convincing problem description, which highlights the relevance of the policy issue and an analytical, evidencedriven section explaining. The economic recession that began in california in 2008 did not affect all counties equally. Climate change why community based adaptation makes. An essential guide to writing policy briefs 3 this guide is dedicated to the memory of icpas training associate and renowned liberian civil society activist, g. Undesa policy briefs feature synopses of key policy analysis intended to frame issues, inform decisions and guide policy action in the economic, social and environmental arena. The npc encourages the dissemination of this publication and grants full reproduction right to any party so long as proper credit is granted the npc.

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